Having built a solid reputation as an asset protection specialist, I also possess expertise in hazard identification and prevention, digital documentation, foreclosures, document service, evictions, security, inspections and cloud technology for reporting systems. I obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Management and Business from National Louis University in Chicago. My minor specializations were in psychology and communications. Before graduating from college, I embarked on a four-year apprenticeship, where I was a metals mechanic craftsman at an Indiana firm. I am eternally grateful for that period in my career life as it gave me hands-on experience on sheet metal work, plumbing, pipe fitting, heavy equipment operations, and other metals mechanic tasks.

I spent the first three decades of my employment working in various assignments with a global oil company. I was assigned high-profile and highly responsible positions such as Environmental Business Manager, Project Engineer, and Service and Maintenance Supervisor. My efforts to establish a wildlife habitat as well as the nation’s first United States Environmental Protection Agency Brownfield reuse site have been lauded accordingly.

Because I wanted genuine independence in managing my career, I established my own firm called Pathway Industries, LLC, in 2012. At Pathway Industries, I have served as the General Manager. This role entails being in charge of all business and operational functions for the firm in addition to handling project management and client relations. Pathway has served select clients and the community by providing assistance and support with their variety of needs including but not limited to telecommunications, computers, project management, public affairs, social media and other vital business components. Comprising a team of six individuals, Pathway has been helping companies in the proper cleaning and disposal of materials used by those clients.

I have always been thankful to be doing something I genuinely care about, and that is contributing to the safety and well-being of people by taking care of the environment.

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