November 25, 2014 -- Facebook page post by author Craig Johnson 
About the TV Drama Longmire
Post-It: They Tried To Bury Us
Ever since A&E cancelled LONGMIRE, the highest-rated scripted drama in that networks history, one of the top 25 shows last summer on both cable and network, a show that’s being broadcast in a hundred or so countries and averaging close to six million viewers an episode, they’ve had a problem on their hands—the posse. In case you haven’t heard the news, Netflix, the largest streaming provider, has picked up LONGMIRE, and I can’t help but think that an awful lot of the credit has to go to the Longmire Posse, the people who mounted an unprecedented response in all the social media. In my original Post-It response to the cancellation, I stated that Longmire viewers/readers were cowboys/cowgirls and that we ride for the brand and don’t walk away. I didn’t know how right I was. The Longmire Posse gave the executives in Hollywood something to think about, refusing to take this foolishness handed down from on high and mounting a stampede response in Twitter and Facebook that changed the face of television. A lot of other shows go on the chopping block every off-season and most go quietly into that dark night but not LONGMIRE, and there’s a reason for that--the people who got on their keyboards and hammered away every Monday night at the prescribed times, the people who with every key struck like a hammer on the television industry’s doors engraving the badge of the Absaroka County Sheriff’s Department along with the words—not this time.  I could go on about how A&E’s overall ratings have dropped 32.5% since cancelling LONGMIRE, or the early exit of the programming exec who axed LONGMIRE, but I don’t like reveling in other people’s misery—even though you don’t reward stupid. I think I’d rather think of a network with vision, one that’s excited about adding a truly quality show to its stable of House of Cards and Orange Is The New Black. I’d rather think of a frosty, western morning when Robert Taylor, Lou Diamond Phillips, Katee Sackoff, Baily Chase, Adam Bartley, Cassidy Freeman, Louanne Stephens, A. Bone Martinez, and Zahn McClaren step onto that set in front of all those producers, directors, and crew members, and maybe even that cowboy sitting in a canvas chair in the corner—and know they’ll have a thought for all those people who rode for the brand and made sure the sheriff got another term. You see… They tried to bury us. They didn’t know we were seeds. See you on the trail, Craig